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On-Campus SHS Location Will Replace Bobby's Burger Palace


Photo by Chase Sutton / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Following years of student complaints, the Penn Administration has decided to prioritize students' accessibility to healthcare by opening an on-campus SHS location. According to a statement released on Monday, the powers that be "have decided that the departure of Bobby's Burgers from campus is a well-timed catalyst for the university to implement an extensive plan for improving student wellness."

Penn will miss Bobby's Burgers, but the student body's response to the upcoming on-campus SHS location has been overwhelmingly positive. Quinn Fausterman (SEAS '22) captured the sentiments of many of his peers when telling UTB, "Last semester, I got pneumonia and had to spend $10 on an Uber to get to SHS. It's a huge relief knowing that the resources I need will be nearby in the future."

The "extensive plan for improving student wellness" referenced in the university's statement will also include a second CAPS office, which will replace the Lululemon pop-up shop on 37th and Walnut.