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Socially-Anxious Sophomore Gets High Off Leaving the Party Early


Photo by Eli Duke / CC BY-SA 2.0

Hannah R. Figueroa (C ’19) doesn’t smoke weed. And she doesn’t have to. While other party-goers become intoxicated by the social atmosphere and its paraphernalia, Figueroa needs only to step outdoors and travel west towards her home in order to derive the same high.

"I'm going home to watch television! Alone! In my bed!" she says while skipping with glee on the empty and bleak Philadelphia streets, having escaped what seemed like Pascal's cave. "Me and Alex Trebek all night if I want!" she sings. Figueroa loves Jeopardy. And she loves watching it alone in her room. 

"That party was so much fun," she noted. "I left it feeling so amazing!"