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Stinky Pig Girl (Me) Loves to Eat From Trough


Photo by Bluedevil266 / CC BY 2.0

Slop! I crave slop.

I'm a stinky little pig girl who drank too much, and now I need someone to fill my trough up to its brim. 

Health and eating three meals a day is only a thing for smart, sober girls — but not for me. I am in fact a filthy, disgusting pig girl who needs slop. Please, sir, let me nose dive into this slop-filled trough. 

Don't even ask me what I want: pig girls like me eat what is given to them. 

So you, Allegro employee, please don't look at me like that when I hand you my trough. Don't ask me what I want. Don't let me look into your eyes — piggy girl (me) isn't allowed to do that. Piggy girl just needs her trough to be filled.

Give me slop! Give me slop! Give me slop! Right in my trough. Slop slop slop — slop in my trough.