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Wilcaf Will Offer Cow's Milk for No Extra Charge


Photo by Stevepb / CC0

Looking to be more inclusive towards lactose-tolerant customers, the baristas of William's Café are instituting a new policy next week: the cafe will no longer place a surcharge on cow's milk.

Despite the popularity of plant-based milks, including oat, almond, and soy, a growing number of conscious consumers are choosing to substitute cow's milk in their foods and beverages. Proponents of cow's milk cite the ecological catastrophe that is almond milk, the estrogen content of soy milk, and the gluten in oat milk as reasons for making the switch.

Regan Sharma (C '21), a Wilcaf customer who asked for 2% milk while ordering, commented, "cow's milk isn't what I grew up with, but it still tastes alright. My roommate does macrame by hand and goes to farmer's markets on weekends, and she drinks cow's milk, so I figured it must be the most fashionable – err – ethical choice."