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2020-2021 Dress Code will Allow Leggings, Tank Tops


Photo by Peakpx / CC0

Comfort, choice, and grassroots student activism all experienced wins on campus this week when Penn’s board of trustees conceded some dress code revisions. Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, Penn will allow students to wear leggings and tank tops on campus.

Students have been lobbying for this change for years, claiming Penn’s “two-finger” strap width and “no athletic pants” policies are vague, outdated, and originate from elitist, sexist ideologies.

Opponents to the revision, like Mallory Jenkins (C ’21 parent from Vermont), claim that since the “fingertips” rule for skirts and kilts was repealed in 2018, “our young men are unable to concentrate and get the education they paid for.” Despite these qualms, Penn’s new policy will be implemented in September. In the meantime, however, students who wear leggings or tank tops will still be subject to at least two weeks of detention if caught by Principal Gutman