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Girl Not Answering Your Texts During Quarantine Probably Just Busy


Photo by Jhaymesisviphotography / CC BY 2.0

Don't worry, that girl that hasn't been responding to your texts in the past few weeks of social isolation isn't ignoring you — she's just been super busy, maybe.

We've all been swamped during this period of quarantine, occupying ourselves with such activities as sitting, standing, and even lying down. The girl that you desperately want to like you has just been caught up in all that, which is why she hasn't been answering your messages.

If she had seen the "hey" that you sent four days ago at 3:24 A.M., blind drunk off of eight dollar Pinot Grigio and loneliness, she absolutely would have responded. Right?

I mean, she has been posting a lot of Snapchat stories, and she's pretty active in the chat you're both in for that group project, but like - text notifications are pretty hard to see sometimes. She'll for sure respond soon.