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Modern Day Homer? This Student Writes for the Odyssey Online


Photo by CollegeDegrees360 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Like generations of writers before her, Kaylee Parsons (C ’22), a contributor for the online publication The Odyssey Online is making her mark within the literary canon. Just like the writers of classical epics, Parsons understands the importance of creative expression in contemporary society.

“I personally think Odyssey is a catalyst for social change,” Parsons said. “There are conversations that people need to be having, like such as about how feminism is just not super important for me personally, and it’s fine if it is for you, but I need you to respect my point of view as a writer.”

With topics ranging from the Bachelor Nation to other things, Odyssey covers a breadth of topics most journalists are afraid to speak out about. Recent article titles illustrate the creative risk-taking characteristic of the publication: “Conversation Tips to Slay Your Next Tailgate” and “What My Balayage Taught Me About Heartbreak.”

Parsons explained that she began contributing because of how much she enjoys reading the publication. She recalled one specific article titled “To My Senior Prom Date: It Was Never About You.” 

“That article really resonated with me,” Parsons said. “It was totally iconic but also really relatable, which is pretty crazy. I had the best time at prom. High school was amazing and my boyfriend and I had to break up, but I’m totally over it now, and I’m actually writing an article about embracing being single during lent.”

As someone whose love language is quality time, reading Odyssey is honestly Parson’s therapy.  Parsons noted how she especially loves articles about politics, current events, and women’s empowerment. She added that she really wishes a badass girl boss like Nikki Haley or Sarah Palin would get in the race

On a recent Tuesday evening, Parsons closed out Pinterest for the day and curled up with a glass of white and her super snuggly blanket. She scrolled through the latest until an article titled “To the Boy Who Loved Me When I Didn’t Love Myself” caught her eye.

“I love this. This is so real!” Parsons said, sipping her wine. “Oh my gosh, I just realized something — I’m totally adulting right now!”