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Professor Going to Be That Close to Camera Entire Zoom Call


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

As the conference call began for URBS 250: City Planning for Climate Change, students began to realize that Professor Stanley Markowitz was going to be that close to the camera the entire call.

For three hours, students would dazzle at Markowitz’s nose hair and admire the sheen to the cluster of sunspots on his left cheek.

“I was kind of excited for the lecture today,” said sophomore Jenny Gupta. “I wanted it to bring back some normalcy, but all I could hear the entire lecture was the sound of our Professor's neck scruff rubbing against the microphone. Whenever we said we couldn’t hear he just got closer to the screen.”

With online classes underway, administrators are beginning to question the thought process behind asking professors to understand Zoom when many were still deeply unsure of YouTube.