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'Our Students Are First-Generation, Low-Income, and Obscenely Privileged, Too,' Says Amy Gutmann


Screenshot by Seyoung Kim / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Amy Gutmann has released a personal statement on the diversity of Penn’s student body for high school students considering matriculation. In a heartwarming YouTube video, she says:

“The truth is: Diversity makes our society stronger. We need you to be yourself. Not everyone accepts this truth. If you are being bullied, if you are scared, or if you feel alone, reach out to friends and family. Know that there are communities ready to welcome you with open arms. 

Our students are first-generation, low income, and obscenely privileged, too.”

We at UTB have to commend Amy for her dedication to diversity. In a time where the voices of first-generation, low-income students are stronger than ever, where FGLI students are finally beginning to receive dedicated institutional support, where legacy students are bullied relentlessly for being born this way, it’s important that we not forget the bedrock of the Penn community: the extravagantly wealthy and the modestly rich.

We call on the great silent majority, the privileged students of Penn: Be loud. Be proud. Never forget that you, above everyone else, matter. As Amy tells us, “Our campus community, like those of many other colleges and universities, embraces differences — and embraces you. Stay strong. Our communities will stand by you and support you.”