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BREAKING: Mask&Wig to Consider Being Funny


Photo by: Ethan Wu / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

“It’s a decision we’ve all struggled with,” said Andrew Mann, new president of Penn’s most popular all-male comedy group to the Daily Pennsylvanian this past Thursday. “But I think it’s a good step for us. We’re still not saying that we’re going to be funny, just that we’re considering it.”

The debate of whether or not Mask&Wig should have any sense of humor within its organization at all has its roots since the 60s. The radical civil rights era brought with it even more radical thoughts, and it’s recorded that the Mask&Wig members of the era were in constant disagreement about whether or not comedy had any place in their comedy sketches. Under the current Trump administration, one would have thought the discussion had been put down for good, but aligning right with the surge in socialism’s popularity, the debate has returned.

It might be too early to say whether or not Mask&Wig will make this progressive move, but the future looks bright. According to reports, Mann has reached out to Pamela De La Cruz, the beloved UnderTheButton author who’s won the heart of every reader and receives countless love confessions every day, for advice. Mann claimed to have wanted information on both being sexier and writing good jokes, though De La Cruz publicly responded over Twitter: “Jokes? What jokes? I don’t write jokes.”