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OP-ED: Who Needs Dean's List When You Have Craigslist?


Photo by Dedwox / CC BY-SA 4.0

Dean’s List. Who needs it?

Honestly, Craigslist is superior in every possible way. Just think about it. On Craigslist, I can browse classifieds to my heart’s content. It’s got real estate, garage sales, legal advice, and more — all in one place! Can Dean’s List help you connect with web developers in New Brunswick? Didn’t think so, buddy.

Dean’s List simply cannot compare. Who is “Dean”, anyways? Probably some shady guy. I’d bet his list isn’t even that good. Not like Craig’s at all. You see, I trust Craig. He and his list are gifts to Earth from the heavens above.

Craigslist exists to help us build ourselves up as a community, whereas Dean’s List exists to break us apart and tear us down. Just take a peek at the respective lists and you’ll see what I mean: the only thing Dean’s List gets you is a crummy line on your academic transcript. It’s decidedly cold, soulless, and solitary.

Now, take a look at Craigslist, and bask in its splendor! The bustling website layout, reminiscent of the early 90s, and the handsome hyperlinks, neatly lined up for ease of selection! And who could forget that delicious Times New Roman logo, colored with the deep hues of lilacs and lavenders? Oh, what elegance! What vibrancy! Don’t you get it? It’s downright beautiful… 

With that being said. It’s high time Dean gives up, packs up his list, and gets the hell out of Dodge.

For Craigslist is here to stay, baby.