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Jared Can't Wait to Write About Hardship in Grad School Applications


Photo by osseus / CC BY 2.0

Jared Casey has finally struck gold with his essay topic for grad school. He had been struggling for months on possible essay topics. Everyone loves a good story about overcoming hardship and battling against the odds, and while Jared has faced all the incredible trials and tribulations that come with being a white male who grew up with two loving parents who pay full price for his education, he still felt like his perspective just wasn’t unique enough yet. He’d finally found a way to pull together a moving piece about the one time he had to sell his concert tickets for some booze money, but it was just missing that little extra “zing” that he was looking for. And suddenly, the whole universe seemed to turn around and drop him the perfect story right into his lap.

“This whole coronavirus thing could not have happened at a better time for me. When I saw on the news that this flu thing was actually killing people, I just knew that somehow my prayers would be answered. This situation has really just caused so much strain and hardship on my daily life. There are definitely some days where I can’t even bring myself to attend my online classes because the stress of moving home is just too much for me to handle. I can literally feel my mental health deteriorating,” lamented Jared over a Zoom video interview, as he sat outside by his heated pool. “It’s going to be tough, but if I pull through this semester and pass all my classes, well, I mean, that’s a true testament to the strength of the human will. I just know all the grad schools I’m applying to will be awed by my resilience.”

With his unique and powerful story perfectly fleshed out, Jared closed his eyes and went back to destressing. As he laid back in his lounge chair, he dropped a word of advice for his fellow peers, “It’s important that in these trying times that we take the time to relax and protect our mental health, even if it means sacrificing time for other things, such as online lectures or essay writing. It’s a little something I learned in overcoming periods of difficulty in my life.”