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Quiz! Can YOU Remember What Classes I'm In? I Literally Don't Know Please Help Oh God


Photo from the Public Domain

Help! I have no idea what classes I'm enrolled in this semester! Can you help me figure it out? Asking for a friend.

1. Didn't one of them have something to do with like... biology or something?

A: Definitely!
B: Perhaps...
C: Maybe?
D: Maybe not?

2. Should I check Canvas?

A: Sounds like a good idea!
B: Mmmmm.... nah. That's what they ~want you to do.
C: Who is to say, really?
D: What's Canvas? Asking for a friend

3. I forgot my Canvas password

A: Bro that's not a question
B: Oh no that sucks
C: K
D: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

4. I forgot my mother's maiden name

A: Still not a question my guy
B: Maybe try like... Smith? Is she white?
C: You should just go ask her dude she's literally downstairs rn
D: What about... Johnson? Still don't know if she's white or not... try smith, all lowercase

5. I forgot my own name? Sorry, ~what ~if I forgot my own name?

A: Nice question format!
B: That depends, who's asking?
C: Have you tried John? What about Smith...ers... Smithers? Have you tried those?
D: Ask your TA in the Canvas discussion board

6. I'm almost certain one of them involved biology... right?

A: Maybe bro
B: It do be tru doh
C: If you're a senior, does it really matter what classes you're in?
D: bye-ALL-uh-jee... bio LUH jee... haha funny word... u wuh sum weed?