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What a Coincidence! Rich Guy in Lecture Has Same Name as This Building!


Photo by  robad0b // CC BY-SA 2.0

Wow, I never thought I'd see a crazy coincidence like this! It turns out that the guy sitting in the back of lecture, wearing Gucci loafers, a Hermes sweater, and a Balenciaga beanie, somehow has the same surname as this building! Crazy to think that Jameson Reginald Huntsman is sitting here right next to me, in Huntsman Hall!

I wonder if maybe that's why he applied to Penn in the first place, just for the funny coincidence. I'm not really sure why he's here, to be honest. He's been to one class all semester and seems to think that his dad will get him some job after graduation anyways. Also, apparently he didn't even take the SATs? Weird stuff.

Maybe he's related.... to the Huntsman family...... No, there's no way. It can't be! They're all so well off and elite, and they basically run this school and their entire admissions office! Oh wait a second.