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Rachel Offers Free Spaghetti Eating ASMR During Zoom Class


Photo by osseus / CC BY 2.0

Over one hundred students were treated to a cacophony of ASMR during last Tuesday’s CIS 120 lecture, as one student forgot to turn off her microphone as she chowed down on what sounded like a fantastically sloppy meal. As Rachel Connolly (E ‘22)  slurped, slopped, and slogged back her plate of spaghetti, it was difficult for anyone to focus on what was being presented on the slides. People attempted to draw her attention in the chat to heroically save her from a lifetime of embarrassment but to no avail. It has been conjectured that this must have been the largest plate of pasta imaginable, as the wet mouth sounds did not cease for the entire 50 minutes of class time, outside the occasional loud gulping of water, followed by an exhale of pleasure.

There were differing opinions on the whole experience among her classmates. One student, Matt Statler (E '21), remarked that it was perhaps the most uncomfortable thing to happen to him during a zoom lecture (and he’d seen one student’s father walk around the house in his underwear).

Another classmate, who asked to remain nameless, commented that for them, the experience was actually quite eye-opening to the world of ASMR and mukbang. They’d always thought those types of videos were only for those on the fringes of society, the weirdos who could not think of anything better than listening to the wet disgusting sounds of someone chewing away at their meal. “But after that whole class-wide exposure to ASMR, I really think I’ve come around to it. I felt relaxed and almost euphoric during the lecture,” the student admitted. 

A few students speculate that this may have been a publicity stunt for Rachel’s ASMR YouTube, which was just discovered yesterday. She uses Penn-related props and often films herself up-close eating dining hall food, but has since had to switch up some of her material while at home. Luckily, she is still finding ways to bring the focus of her channel back to the Penn campus and community through these zoom calls. Her fans can’t wait for her next video, where it appears she may be slurping through an entire pot of chicken noodle soup with a generous helping of crackers. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe to support our campus artists.