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BREAKING: Local Botanical Gardens Wants You to Know They're Against Racism


Photo by Sheba_Also 43,000 photos / CC BY-SA 2.0

"At its core, Ur Local Conservatory and Botanical Gardens’ mission is to improve quality of life and connect with the community — elderly women, garden geeks, and the occasional school field trip. As part of that mission, we are supporting the resolution declaring racism a public health crisis," read a recent notice on the website of Ur Local Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, a place few people have willingly visited — especially on Mother's Day — in recent years. 

They continued their statement saying, "A lot of people are dying of racism because people aren't social distancing. To fight against this disease, we will continue to uphold the values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility and speak out against acts of violence and racism (please see our website, managed by Doris, for announcements)."

We talked to website manager, Doris, to see how their community outreach has been going. "The gardens are still closed due to COVID, but nevertheless, we have actually had a lot of clicks from concerned citizens. The notice only went up on June 2nd, but already five people have clicked on it." After additional questioning, it was revealed that Doris had clicked on the link herself two of those five times. (author's note, in researching this article I clicked on the link once myself)

Although few people saw the announcement because it was on the ghost town that is the organization's website, Ur Local Conservatory and Botanical Gardens swears to continue its advocacy work. "We will keep posting our informed statements until real change is made. We feel confident that we are the tipping point, the organization that will tip the scales and make justice real," continued Doris. She ended her interview saying, "Butterscotch?" while offering a handful of candies from the bottom of her purse.