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Thank God! Buzzed Hair to Grow Out Again Before Country Reopens


Photo by Ella Norstalick

Three months ago, college sophomore Ella Norstalick did something she's always wanted to do: she buzzed her hair. For many Americans, the pace at which the United States is reopening in the wake of COVID-19 is simply too slow. For those who gave themselves the "COVID cut," however, any additional time to recover would be a godsend. 

"At first, the goal was to look like Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road," said Norstalick. "As my hair grows out, though, I often find myself jealous of my dog's muddy tennis ball. Compared to me, it really pulls off the look."

Norstalick admitted that plenty of people look adorable and powerful and more with buzzed hair. "I know plenty of kids at Penn who have buzzed hair! They look stunning and I envy their confidence." For Norstalick, having her hair a little bit longer is just more comfortable.

Norstalick did not hesitate in explaining that whatever confidence she had when she first buzzed her hair disappeared over time. "In those online 'cut your own hair' tutorials, they never tell you how drunk you're supposed to be. Turns out, maybe not as drunk as I was." Norstalick laughed, nervously. Her family reported that she was completely sober when she buzzed her hair.

Norstalick has yet to remove the small pieces of hair from the corners of her bathroom, let alone show anyone her new look outside of her immediate family. Of course, the health and safety of the public is the most important thing when opening the country. This is precisely the reason why Norstalick and those like her would prefer a slower reopening. Said Norstalick, "For my own (mental) health and (emotional) safety, reopening in a few more months would be great."