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Modern Day Malcolm X! Jessica Posted a Black Square on Instagram


Photo by Andy Witchger is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Okay activist! College junior Jessica Smith posted a single black square on her Instagram page. It was a huge risk for her – but she feels it was the right decision. “There is so much going on – I did what I could to help” said Smith. When asked to elaborate on what she meant by “so much going on” Smith added “You know – everything going on.”

Smith opted not to take the numerous actionable steps to actually helping – like donating to the Philly Bail Fund, signing and sharing petitions calling for justice for police brutality victims like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, sharing resources for people to better understand the structural racism present in our society, or even sharing this link that makes it easy to take any sort of action.

Jessica had not posted a single thing about the Black Lives Matter movement before #blackouttuesday, but she was sure to use the #blacklivesmatter hashtag to drown out any useful information being shared on social media.

Smith was happy to resume sharing her beach pics the next day – this time with “Activist” proudly written in her bio. Real change takes guts and the world is a better place with a queen like Jessica on Instagram. Malcolm X who?