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Oink Oink! Meet the Gay Cop Queering White Supremacy


Photo by Peter Corbett / CC BY 2.0

In a brave act of cognitive dissonance, College graduate Dean Morris is both a white gay man leaching culture from the Black community as well as a proud member of the systemically racist American police force.

Despite the police’s long history of targeting LGBT people and queer spaces, Morris is a police officer because before he is gay, he is white. He loves Black culture though – Morris is happy to use his “inner Black woman” as he racially profiles actual Black women in his duties as a police officer.

He really feels the support of his fellow officers during pride month – like this brave officer happily yelling gay slurs at peaceful protestors or these officers who used the chaos they incited to raid two gay bars.

Morris may owe most of his freedoms he enjoys as a gay man today to queer people of color like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, but today he is a proud member of the system the brave LGBT people at Stonewall were rioting against.

Gay police officers don’t say blue lives matter, it’s the whole rainbow! Red lives matter, orange lives matter, yellow lives matter, green lives matter, blue lives matter, purple lives matter – end of list.