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Heartwarming: This Cop Hugged a Baby Right Before Throwing Her on the Ground


Photo by carlosacelyb / CC0 

Minneapolis police officer Martha Dean was feeling generous. 

Her daily ritual usually involved tear gas, rubber bullets, and some baton swinging. She wasn’t willing to give any of that up, because maiming peaceful protesters is in the fabric of her bright blue DNA. 

But she was willing to add something wonderful to the mix: A hug for nine–month–old Jenine Pearson. She only hugged Jenine because she had just knocked her mother unconscious and torn the screaming child from her arms, but the photo captured by CNN doesn’t show that.

It only shows the brave Officer Dean doing what she does best: Embracing her community with open arms and a warm heart. 

Ms. Dean threw the child on the ground immediately after the photo was taken, of course. Sneaky Jenine Pearson was clearly a riot sympathizer and couldn’t be trusted. And everyone knows the best way to deal with someone protesting police brutality is to commit police brutality.