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Op-Ed: Here's Why I, Eleanor Stalick, am Dropping Out of the Vice Presidential Race


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

It comes as a surprise to no one that Joe Biden is trying to find a woman vice-presidential candidate. With any luck, a female running mate will distract from any (theoretical) "sexual assault allegations" that might spring up from Joe's history in politics.

Biden released a shortlist of candidates in early June. I am proud to say that I was not on that list. When I read the list, I thought, "My thoughts exactly!" I said to my friend, "Isn't it crazy that Joe Biden and I thought the exact same thing about me not being a VP candidate? Wouldn't Joe Biden and I work so well together? Haha jk... unless?" 

My friend then assured me, "No! You aren't what the country needs in this moment! You are a centrist and this is a time of winning over alienated progressive votes! You're a white woman when this country desperately needs the perspective of a woman of color! Your work as a former Minneapolis prosecutor in makes you a bad fit for the role in the 2020 race!" 

I then responded, "My thoughts exactly. I was about to say the exact same thing." And that is why, after much thought, I have decided to exit the 2020 VP race. While the people definitely probably want me to run, I am deciding not to. Purely out of the goodness of my heart.

Everyone wanted me to run. But I am dropping out because I want to. 

I wasn't on the list because... I need to drop out. Because I want to.

Thank you all for your kind understanding, I am so sorry to go against your wishes.


Amy Klobu-- 


Eleanor Stalick