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After News of Princeton's Fall Plan, Students Glad They Were Rejected From Princeton


Graphic by Andrew Fischer / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Princeton recently announced that they will allow two classes on campus each semester. Freshmen and juniors will be allowed back on campus this fall, while sophomores and seniors will be allowed back in the spring. Although many fall plan announcements have led to students' concern, disappointment, and frustration, Princeton's new plan has sparked joy for many Penn students.

"I always carried around the weight that I was rejected from Princeton — it was a point of shame for a long time," explained rising senior Ben Lee. "But after hearing Princeton's fall plan, I don't feel bad anymore. I feel like Penn is a better fit for me than Princeton ever would have been. Go Quakers!"

Rising sophomore Sophie West, wearing full-face red and blue face paint, echoed Lee's sentiments. "I spent my entire senior year wearing a Princeton sweatshirt in anticipation of acceptance and was devastated when I didn't get in. Penn was a good alternative, and joining Penn's club "Princeton Sux," a club created by and for Princeton rejects definitely helped me feel better about my rejection, but hearing Princeton's plan made me forget that I had ever wanted to go there!"

Raj "Penn" Katyal, who has recently stopped responding to Raj and now only answers to "Penn," head of "Princeton Sux" issued a statement on behalf of the club, "Princeton always talks about its commitment to community service, and I personally have always been a little shaky on if that's true, but now I have no doubt. By issuing this fall plan, Princeton has helped me personally, along with so many others who were at one point denied acceptance at the institution". 

Many once Princeton hopefuls now Penn students are signing a virtual thank you card for Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber in appreciation for the decision. Due to the decision, Penn school spirit is at an all-time high, and with the expected announcement that there will be no sports this year, the Quakers look forward to not being able to lose to Princeton for the coming months. Congratulations to all the members of "Princeton Sux" and apologies to all those at Princeton.