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OP-ED: Here Is How Beto Can Still Win


Photo by Erik Drost / CC BY 2.0

With the election in almost 50 days, many are dismissing Beto O'Rourke’s chances of victory in November. Critics point out that the former Texas Senate candidate faces an uphill battle. 

“No presidential candidate has ever won the election without being nominated,” said one political science professor. “However, 2020 has been a year full of surprises.”

Beto is no longer officially running, but a source close to the Beto campaign claimed that Beto is staging a political comeback. Dropping out before the Iowa Caucus, endorsing Joe Biden, and going on a road trip across the country was the start of a new campaign strategy. “We’re playing the long game. So many campaigns only think one step at a time. Sometimes you have to lose a couple of early states to win the whole thing. And sometimes you have to lose every state to win. Did I mention he’s hot?”

One of Beto senior aides stated, “This is just like our campaign in Texas two years ago. The media, the political elite, the Republicans: they are all underestimating us.” Although Beto lost in 2018 to the retired Zodiac Killer and son of Kennedy assassin, Ted Cruz, Beto slightly beat his polling average.  

While Joe Biden’s campaign refused to comment on this story, an RNC strategist claimed that Republicans were terrified of a Beto comeback. “If Beto can somehow clinch the Democratic nomination, it will throw the Trump campaign a curveball that may strike them out. I’m especially worried about the down ballot effects in the Birkenstocks states. Beto beats Biden by over 12 points with voters who drink craft beer.”

Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether America is ready for a straight, white attractive man as President.