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College Junior Sets World Record for Most La Croix in a Day


Photo by Darrion Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

After months of practice and training, College junior Damian Trout set the world record for “Most Cans of La Croix Consumed in a Day” at 241 cans. 

“At the beginning of quarantine, I needed something to do,” said Trout. “I figured I could try to break a world record. Consuming La Croix just seemed like the obvious choice given my love for mild bubble water.”

To train, Trout had slowly increased his liquid and La Croix intake each day.

“The first couple weeks, I drank a lot of water,” said Trout, “You can’t just go straight to the La Croix. You have to prepare your stomach first by making space using water.”

The following weeks, Trout then switched to increasing amounts of La Croix. However, Trout’s journey to the world record was not without hardships.

“In mid-July, I hit a plateau,” said Trout, “No matter how hard I trained I just couldn’t get past 150 cans. My toilet just couldn’t handle it. But then, I realized I could take more cans if I just wore diapers all day.”

With his new strategy, Trout was able to increase his daily can consumption. 

On August 25, Trout set the world record at 241 cans consumed in a day.

“I’m so proud of my accomplishment,” said Trout. "I’m so happy, I can even feel the warmth in my pants.”