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Woke! Penn Students Engage in Mutual Aid by Finally Venmoing Me Back for Brunch


Photo by Jenny K // CC2.0

In the midst of the most important social movement of our generation, Penn students are coming to terms with what they owe to those around them. Finally taking decisive action, my fellow students have begun redistributing funds back into my Venmo to cover the cost of brunch from last spring.

As millions of Americans suffer impending foreclosure and sustained job loss, I’ve suffered a hundred-dollar plus bill that I really forgot about until last week. Luckily, people like Lisa Campos (W’21) have done their part: paying me the $24.59 she owes for an eggs benedict with bottomless mimosas. And while the federal government continues to exhibit its callous disregard for its working class, I’m privileged to say I’ll have the funds to now buy ketamine for the month. 

From instagram carousels to me hitting ‘remind’ on Venmo, it seems like the need to raise the consciousness of the Lisa, Derrick, and Simone’s of the world is more or less finished. As required reading shifts from Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth to Chernev’s Strategic Marketing Management, I’m confident I’ve learned from the past and will act now accordingly—like next time, let’s just ask if they can like, do multiple checks or something? Even if it's a hassle or whatever it’ll be easier for us.