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OP-ED: It Would Be Really Awesome If They Found a Vaccine


Photo by whitesession / CC0

Hey, scientists! I know you're working super hard right now and I totally get that — we are in a gosh darn global pandemic! This pandemic has been pretty tough on everyone. For example, the other day I made soup and it took a long time. So frustrating! :/ 

I just had a little piece of feedback. You can totally take it or leave it — the idea is in its super early stages so I am just kinda fleshing it out. But the other night I was doing some brainstorming and it hit me. We should totally get working on a vaccine for this little virus! 

Vaccines are pretty cool. A little pinch pinch and boom! No disease. We actually have been doing this for a long time. Did you know that people could like, die from the chickenpox before the shot was invented? I don't exactly know how it works but it definitely has to do with our cells I think. I don't know, you tell me! You're the scientist!! 

I think you guys should try and figure this out for our current virus. It can't be that hard... have you heard of bunsen burners? You know, those little things that make your materials hot? Did you run out of them or something? I've also heard beakers can be really cool for putting liquids together.... just mix a few liquids and see what happens. I really think you guys could put your heads together and work on this!! 

I spent the last 6 months learning how to make artisanal cocktails, and a vaccine is kinda like one really special cocktail, right? If I can do it, then you can too. I don't think this is a lot to ask, but definitely feel free to reach out if you need me to help you find a centrifuge or whatever.