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Leaders in Every Field Announce Kelsey’s Twitter Has Never Been Wrong on Anything


Photo by Jaden Baum / The Daily Pennsylvanian

In an unprecedented first, leading scholars and personalities in every academic and professional field — political science, economics, fashion, public health, math, among others — have announced that Kelsey Costello (C '23) has never been wrong about anything on her twitter.

“We’ve never done something like this before,” said Noam Chomsky, acclaimed philosopher, historian, cognitive scientist, and one of the first to stumble upon Costello's twitter. “The more I read, the more I was in disbelief. Every musing was correct — about late stage capitalism, about the use of propaganda as a tool of control in the United States, about people who chew with their mouths open, and especially about the power of a chunky sandal. Every tweet was the correct opinion. As an academic collective, my peers and I felt we had to say something.”

Along with Noam Chomsky, anti-racist scholar Ibram X. Kendi, environmental scientist James E. Hansen, NYT columnist and economist Paul Krugman, and Madonna all signed onto the statement that was posted Friday evening to a WordPress account titled, "This is important!!!"

Costello did not respond to a request from Under the Button for comment. Those close to Costello say she wasn’t surprised by the news and, “felt that something like this was coming.”