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With Quadruple Monitor Setup, Sophomore Attends 4 Classes At Same Time


Photo by Terabass / CC Creative Commons

After spending more time than ever before at his computer workstation, Engineering sophomore Samuel Trout has announced that he needs another external monitor, despite already having four.

Currently, Trout uses his four monitors to seamlessly and efficiently multitask.

“What I usually do is watch a live lecture on one monitor, while also watching two pre-recorded lectures on the other two,” said Trout. “And then on the last one, I play a video game. Sometimes League, sometimes solitaire.”

Two weeks into the online semester, Trout is very happy with his class-going strategy. 

“It’s super-efficient,” said Trout. “I make the video at two-times speed. I can feel how fast I’m learning. It’s incredible.”

Taking advantage of the fact that most of his classes are asynchronous, Trout has found a perfect strategy.

“What's great about the set-up is that instead of sitting in lecture for 4 or 5 hours a day, I only need to sit in lecture for 1 hour."

Still, Trout can’t help but think about how he could improve his strategy. 

Now, all I need is a 5th monitor,” said Trout. “So even while I'm watching three lectures, I can play two video games at the same time. Or porn.”