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Choose Your Own Adventure: Can You Make it to the Band Room with Enough Time Left To Cry and Listen to ‘How to Save A Life’ by The Fray?


Photo by Macrobertson / CC BY-SA 3.0

Fearing capture by the likes of Thad, you hop into a nearby bush.

"Argh, where did that furtive pip-squeak go?!" Thad yells out in agony, his Herculean neck pulsating with venom and rage. "Thad... MAD!"

Thad, being the fool he is, sprints past your hiding spot and straight into the science wing.

"Good," you think to yourself. "There's a lot of helpless wimps to keep him busy in there."

With Thad out of sight, you sneak back into the school building and head toward the band room, your restless mind swimming with thoughts of alternative rock band The Fray and, of course, their hit single. You lick your lips.

Enter the band room.