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"It's Almost Fall ;)" Announces Girl With Extensive Spongebob Sweater Collection


Photos (with edits) by freepik / free use and JeepersMedia / CC BY 2.0

Fall. That wonderful season when leaves change colors, and suburban moms line their front steps with pumpkins. While some look forward to Halloween, some are eagerly waiting to post selfies with pumpkin spice lattes, and others are preparing for sweater weather. Adriana Cortez is part of that last group.

The proud owner of a collection of 46 unique Spongebob sweaters, Cortez lives for fall weather. "Every year, I spend multiple months exclusively wearing my Spongebob sweaters. But I don't just wear them for me, I really like to put on a show for people," explained Cortez. This year is no exception. Our sources inform us that Cortez showed off her first Spongebob sweater in her English seminar on Tuesday. 

We asked if Cortez was concerned that online classes would limit her ability to show off her sweaters. "Zoom actually helps me," she informed, "in fall and winter, people walk around wearing coats over their clothes a lot. I often have to decide between freezing or expressing myself through my clothing. On Zoom, I don't need to compromise warmth, and I can share my sweaters with the world."

We asked some of Cortez's classmates to get their view on the impressive sweater collection. "I guess I didn't really know Adriana too well before our English class, but I knew I had seen her on Locust. It wasn't until I got a text from her that read 'it's almost fall ;)' that I was able to piece it together," explained sophomore Derek Johnson. Surprisingly, the rest of the class refused to comment.

"I think my sweaters help me find my identity and serve a vital role in the Penn community," stated Adriana. "Through wearing them, I label myself as fun, spirited, and adventurous and by sharing them, I dare other students and professors to do the same."