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Student Hospitalized After Carrying Breakout Room Convo on His Back


Photo by penerik / CC BY 2.0

College sophomore, Michael Previtt, was sent to the emergency room last Thursday after suffering severe spinal injuries. This trauma occurred during his recent ECON recitation after students were placed into small breakout rooms to work on the assigned worksheet. According to one student witness present in the same breakout room as Previtt, things started out relatively normal. “Everyone had their cameras off, and all of the mics were muted. It was your typical breakout room situation. Nothing out of the usual.” After a peaceful two minutes of silence, suddenly everyone was jarred awake by a mic being unmuted. As Previtt bravely turned on his camera and began to ask if anyone had started on question one, the rest of the room watched their screens in shock. Their surprise was so profound that no one responded for another thirty seconds. Slowly a few muttered responses made their way out of the other participants. 

There was so much joy on his face after such a rousing response. “We see this mistake happen all the time”, stated one of the nurses assigned to treat Previtt. “The students think that once they get the conversation started, they can sit back and everything will flow smoothly. That glimmer of hope is what gets them in the end. Little do they know that now they’re the ones responsible for getting everyone to talk every single time. The sheer stress of asking all the questions and pulling for answers out of the crowd just becomes too much. The weight of the conversation rests on their shoulders and some people just crack under the pressure. The human spine isn’t meant to carry that much weight. It’s tragic but someone always has to do it.”

The doctors expect Previtt to never be able to speak on camera ever again. He has been medically advised to avoid all group discussions moving forward, prompting many students to attempt the same feat to avoid breakout rooms.