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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will Brad Fuck Your Girlfriend at Fling?


Photo by earauchway / CC BY 2.0

Hey Jess, you wanna hit up Theta Apple Pi this weekend?,” you text. “I got an invite for a Fling party after the concert Saturday.” 

Jessica texts back 13 hours later: “Ya.” Damn, you love it when your girl talks sexy to you. 

“Do you wanna pregame at 9:00 before heading over?” you shoot back in reply. 

“Ya.” Jessica replies 10 hours later. Damn! you think excitedly. If things are going this well with Jessica, well, you might get to first base Saturday, and, maybe, oh God you don’t wanna jinx it, but maybe even second base? Holy shit. 

You don’t want to fuck this up, and that means you gotta find the perfect alcoholic beverage to start out what will surely prove to be a hot and heavy night. 

A: Pre-game with seven peach Four Lokos

B: Pregame by slamming tequila shots