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OP-ED: To Gain Support Among Liberals, The Fracking Industry Needs To Get WOKE

Photo (with edits) by Evan Shreffler / The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Fracking Industry is here to stay, no matter what those know-it-all scientists say. The Democrat establishment is now siding with Republicans (bipartisanship! whoop!) regarding fracking. Senator Kamala Harris set the tone in the VP Debate when she profusely stated that her administration would not ban fracking (#GirlBoss Alert!). Although the political establishment supports fracking, the large majority of the liberal Democratic base does not. The question that needs to be asked is… how can the fracking industry sway these liberal voters so it can continue to push forward?

The answer: Changing the way we look at fracking. Fracking has always been a boring rich, white male sport and the industry needs to change its image to bring more people in. We need to get some wokeness into this enterprise. Making fracking 1) more ~inclusive~, 2) cool, fun and hip, and 3) easy for all to enjoy and support is what’s needed.

First, the Dem establishment needs to understand it’s liberal voters. They should know by now that who is in charge of things matters much, much more than any silly action or policy. They need to recognize that the biggest problem with the fracking industry right is not its ‘possible’ environmental damages, but that there is too much testosterone in control of it. They need to revamp the idea of fracking by making it more inclusive...

WE ? NEED ? MORE ? DIVERSITY ? IN ? FRACKING ? I mean, sure, fracking still can lead to a toxic environment but a reformed workplace could end a toxic work environment!

Second, the fracking industry needs to understand that the best way to accumulate Dem voters is to be more relatable and appealing. How do they do that? With fun and diverse liberal advertisements… making it easier to support them. “Nevertheless, she persisted” merchandise? More like “Nevertheless, she frack-sisted” merch! Plaster those “Intersectional Fracking” stickers on laptops and water bottles. Fracking needs to get with the times and establishment Dems can use that RBG money to do it (because they surely didn't use it for the ACB hearings that's for sure).

Third, fracking isn’t a problem that needs solving… rather a ripe opportunity for social change. C’mon, what’s better than mixing capitalism and social justice? If Hollywood, sports leagues, and Silicon Valley have been able to get liberal voter support even while being a part of the bourgeoise machine... so could fracking! Please those progressives! Throw some rainbow flags on top of those oil rigs! 

This opinion-editorial has been brought to you by ExxonMobil