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BREAKING: Heirloom Trip Ends with Total Under $6,000


Photos from Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain; Raul / CC BY-SA 2.0

It has just been confirmed that a shopper recently completed a visit to Heirloom Market, during which they spent less than $6,000 on all of their items combined. 

The trip was made by Wharton Freshman Todd Holmes, who bought the groceries to bring back to his apartment in The Chestnut which he lives in for reasons. Holmes was attempting to purchase two packs of White Claw, a frozen pizza, a large bottle of ketchup, and one lone avocado, all of which only came out to $3286.98. 

“At first I thought I made a mistake and didn’t scan one of the items properly, but then I realized that was in fact my total,” said Holmes. “At that point I did what my mom taught me to do best: so, I went to find a manager and ask what to do next.”

Giant, the parent company of Heirloom Market, recently issued the following statement:

“We here at Heirloom-Giant profoundly apologize for this grave error. After looking into Mr. Holmes’ situation, it has been concluded that the ketchup’s barcode scanned for $270 instead of our retail price of $2,700. We are thoroughly investigating what may have caused this accidental price decrease and want to ensure our customers that it will never happen again.”

Heirloom managers, who Holmes was able to track down so effortlessly, also apologized personally for the mistake. In reconciliation, they offered him a small discount the next time he purchases a frozen pizza, which should bring the price from $3,050 down to $3,043. Hooray for savings!