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Hot Professor Has Suspiciously High Webcam Quality


Photo by Flickr / C00

From the moment I saw her, it was apparent that my professor was fucking hot as shit, a would-be-succubus. Everything about her face and body made it clear that she was sculpted to be rival Aphrodite. However, the more I saw, the more I realized that her screen was crystal clear HD to the lengths I have never seen before. And listen, everyone has those professors that barely know how to work Zoom: the ones that don’t screenshare the slides right; the ones with the faulty network connection; the ones that genuinely appear to be digitally illiterate. They saturate the school to the point where seeing this woman who not only seems to know how to work a computer, but also has an auto-focusing, wide field of view, ultra 4K HD webcam with ring light and great low-light capabilities only meant one thing. Of course, maybe the first sign should have been when she dropped her onlyfans link in the chat on the first day of class offering extra credit for subscribing. Or maybe the first sign could’ve been the long line of handcuffs and whips in the background of her video.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging her. Times are tough. But I guess I just want to know is, if I drop the link will you guys subscribe too? I get 2 additional points on the midterm for every sign up I get.