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Jessica Excited to Finally Use Communication Major as Spam Caller


Photo by Julia Ellis

When Jessica first told her parents she wanted to be a communication major, they were concerned. They worried it was a “useless major” that would never let her really amount to anything. Jessica’s parents told her that even though her midterm was just to have a conversation with a partner, she shouldn’t want to take the easy way out as an excuse to get absolutely shit faced every night. She was so angry that her parents didn’t understand her life’s path and she was spitefully determined to get a good job. During on campus recruiting, it was difficult to shine against students that were engineering majors and pre-med students, but she knew that she could do it. And eventually she did.

Jessica proved her parents wrong as the newest spam caller at her company, Scams For Suckers, and she couldn’t be happier. She even got the chance to use her communication skills at her job everyday which was a major bonus. Most days she calls and tells people that their Social Security number has been stolen, but some days she is given a lot of freedom and even gets to tell them their car has been robbed or that their brother was in prison. She told UTB that her job is not easy and requires expert communication and interpersonal skills. She needs to be kind to those who are now concerned about identity theft, and yet still make sure they don’t think too hard about why the IRS is calling. Without her classes, she’s just not sure she would be as great of an asset to the company. And damn does she see results, getting $1k in Walmart gift cards in one day. Employee of the month watch out!