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The Guy Who Plays With the Lights in Clark Park Has a Really, Really Hard Working Wife


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

West Philly transplant Gus Dupuis has spent the past six months in Clark Park building a light installation for all to behold at night. The project started as a quarantine pastime, but has quickly evolved into a public art spectacle. The light exhibit, installed nightly in the bottom of the grass bowl, is an installation made of what appears to be a row of plastic grocery bags taped on top of a 20-foot long stretch of LED strip lights that grows every night. The installation is mesmerizing to say the least, an avant-garde commentary on the ever-increasing, yet seemingly disposable diversity of our modern society. 

As you admire the prismatic display of lights in Clark Park, it is critical to remember who keeps the lights on: Gus’ really, really hard working wife.

Here’s the thing: Gus’ wife is a lawyer, doctor, and engineer. On the weekends, she volunteers at a soup kitchen. She works all day and all night, all seven days of the week. She works so hard. All so her husband can play with lights and plastic bags in the park for a few hours every day. It’s a shame, really.