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If Everyone Is Beautiful in Their Own Way, Where Are the Ugly People?


Photo by Wiki Commons (with edits by Julia Ellis) | C00

In the past few years, everyone suddenly became beautiful in their own way and frankly the surge in body positivity has been extremely confusing for many. I understand that now everyone has to be beautiful every second of the day no matter what they actually look like, but if that’s the case, what did we as a society do with all the ugly ass motherfuckers? If suddenly everyone is now an off duty supermodel, where did we put the CIS men with body odor or the women who cut their own bangs, and more importantly are we killing them off? 

I am concerned that we may have accidentally shipped away all the kids in middle school raging through puberty until they emerge in their less disgusting form. Ugly people deserve to be able to live the same life as hot people and I think there is a huge injustice right under our own noses. I know that ugly people did not just disappear, even if they can trick us by editing their imperfections away using FaceTune. 

I would like to send out an Amber Alert for all the ugly people that I know are out there and tell them to come out of hiding. And of course, I do know that some are trying (unsuccessfully) to hide among us in plain sight. You can edit your pictures all you want, but some of us do know what you look like in real life, so be proud of your ugly ass. You’re ugly and proud!