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Quiz: How Many Lectures Have You Watched While Shitting?


Photo by Pixabay with edits by Darrion Chen / Pixabay License

1. Have you shat while in math class?

A: Yes. I shit on double integrals.
B: Yes. I shit on eigenvalues.

2. Have you shitted while in writing seminar?

A: Yes. That's what writing seminar is for.
B: Yes. Writing seminar is where I go to feel safe relief.

3. Have you crapped while in lab?

A: Yes. I needed to analyze the projectile trajectory of my poos.
B: Yes. I needed to analyze the fluid dynamics of splash.

4. Have you pooed in ethics class?

A: Yes. It was to minimize suffering.
B: Yes. In order to have virtuous character, I must perform virtuous deeds.

5. Have you shi ited while in religions class?

B: No. That would be defacememt of holy scriptures.

6. Have you shatted in CIS 160?

A: Yes. 160 actually makes me shit better because it scares the shit out of me.
B: Yeah. I got a 2% on the midterm.