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Irresponsible at Penn Stopped Because Everyone Is Responsible Now


Photo by Muenocchio / Public Domain

Great news, Quakers! The Instagram account "Irresponsible at Penn," created in order to shed light on students who are partying during a pandemic, has officially gone two months without a single post! That's right folks — two whole months with not a single house party, gathering, throw-down, date night, or intimate get-together. Obviously, due to the inactivity of the account, the only plausible assumption is that all irresponsible behavior at Penn has ceased. Win! 

Despite the country record-high amount of COVID-19 related deaths just last week, Penn students have been extra cautious. While the first few weeks were a little rocky, everyone quickly realized the severity of the situation at hand, and has only seen their pods. When Irresponsible at Penn caught wind of the renewed sense of duty that Penn students felt to not only affect their possibly immunocompromised classmates, but the broader community of West Philadelphia, they knew it was time to stop posting, as their work has ended. 

McKenna Yelney (N ‘21) discusses how the administration is commending students for ceasing any irresponsible behavior. 

“I have a red open pass now — basically since red symbolizes 'stop,' it means the administration is like, 'you're so safe you can just stop getting tested — you're killing it, girl!" 

In fact, there are huge lines outside of Houston Hall everyday — presumably just students going in to get lollipops for their stellar safe behavior. We did it!