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"Make Sure You Vote Today," Says Professor Holding Class on Election Day


Photo by Sage Levine / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Cognitive dissonance? Dr. Perez, who teaches PSCI 150 (The Electoral Process) ended his class on Election Day by imploring his students to make time to vote. Although there is just a thirteen hour window to cast your ballot in one of the most contentious elections our country has seen, Dr. Perez felt strongly that three of these hours should be spent listening to him talk. 

He defended his decision, saying that “today’s class was really important. We were looking at the outsized impact of swing states on contentious elections, and I really felt that the student should learn about it in the classroom, and then if they have time, they can experience it for themselves by casting their ballot in PA today.” 

Penn professors were not required to cancel classes on Election Day, despite the fact that Pennsylvania could likely determine the outcome of the election. Amy Gutmann reportedly said that the decision to induce anxiety in students by holding classes was an easy one, considering she “DGAF.” 

Dr. Perez wanted it to be clear that he says voting as almost as important as his class specifically. “They’re both crucial for your future, if you think about it,” he said to students who were taking his class P/F and are just completely disengaged from Zoom learning in general. 

“So today, your homework to get our there and exercise your civic duty. Vote, phonebook, canvas — and speaking of Canvas, there is a quiz up there that’s due at 11:59 tonight.”