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Photo (with edits) from Wikipedia / Public Domain

1. How Icky Are You Feeling Today?

A: not too icky
B: a lil icky
C: very icky ngl
D: a fair amount of icky

2. Are You Coughing? What Does It Sound Like?

A: hhhuuuuugghhhhhhhghgh
B: kkkuuufffffufffff kkkuuufffffufffff
C: bllluggggghhh
D: mmuuuuuuuhhhhmmmm

3. Have Any Bois Been Around Recently?

A: definitely some but I wouldn't say many
B: ayyy yeah all the time
C: only on the weekends
D: nah not really

4. Do You Think You Might Possibly Be Feeling Just A Little Kinda Fever-y

A: I mean maybe but I just took a hot shower
B: don't think so but thanks for asking (you're welcome!)
C: not really im pretty cold rn
D: how would I know?

5. Do You Feel Like You Have Rona?

A: leaning no
B: I feel like maybe tbh
C: heavens no
D: hell yes

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