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Professor Hides Assignment Under Modules, Discussions, and Inside Thanksgiving Turkey


Every week has been a mystery for the students of Professor Teltmann, who is notorious for making it extremely difficult to find his assignments. The essays can be found in the syllabus, but the weekly book summaries have to be posted under Discussions. If you check modules, you’ll get the link to the tests. And this week, Professor Teltmann put his take-home quiz inside of the Thanksgiving turkey of every single one of his students--all 180 of them. 

“I would say the most time-consuming aspect of it all was to track down the family members of the students--not all their grandparents are on Facebook, after all. Then, I simply asked if I could insert a quiz--laminated, of course--inside of the turkey. And that process only takes about 10-15 minutes, tops,” says Teltmann. 

Melissa Ochieng (W ‘21) was surprised when she found her quiz. “I swear, I was even checking under the “Conferences” and “Collaboration” tabs on Canvas to see if the quiz was there. But nope. It was inside my turkey. And what’s worse, I only had 20 minutes to do it from the moment I saw it. Oh yeah. He asked my grandma to set a timer the moment I successfully removed the assignment from my dinner.” 

Telemann asserts that his system for how and where he posts assignments is faultless and straightforward. “Look, you might have to do some searching to figure out where your assignments are. Not everything is handed to you on a plate--well, except for this quiz, I suppose.”