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SAD! UA Election Investigation Reveals Voter Fraud


Photo (with edits) by Kasey Peacock / CC0 and screenshot by Ian Ong / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Rigged! The investigation into the very bad, very corrupt Undergraduate Assembly Election has revealed massive voter FRAUD! A shame for our “Great” University!

What a Disaster! There were more BALLOTS than STUDENTS (Sad!), “glitches” everywhere, and Sleepy Amy Gutmann won’t allow a recount!

The President of the UA (“Thievin’ Scott Patel”) and the Do-Nothing establishment Poli Sci majors are trying to STEAL our great election and PACK the courts! They wouldn’t let ME, and the GOOD, HONEST STUDENTS from my MATH 104 recitation into the Counting Rooms. Unconstitutional!

The Patriotic Ian Ong Army will NOT allow the (quite frankly) “crooks” of the UA to CHEAT in our “sacred” election! Very bad things are coming out (they got caught!), and we have a long way to go.

First night of the election, I was leading heavily in many College Houses. Big, beautiful IAN ONG ballots, and then — BING! HUGE “BALLOT” DUMP at 5:53 a.m. for THIEVIN’ SCOTT PATEL!!! The Rigged “Mail-in” Ballot Hoax cannot stand — The World is watching!

The tremendous IAN ONG Landslide Victory (never before seen) is NOT something you’d hear about from the radical lyin’ DP (Fake) or the Lamestream Media. Remember that!

Most fraudulent UA “Election” in history, and worst of all, NO ACCOUNTABILITY!