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Choose Your Own Adventure: Can You Make it to the Band Room with Enough Time Left To Cry and Listen to ‘How to Save A Life’ by The Fray?


Photo (with edits) by Fredler Brave / CC0 and Pikist / CC0 

You attempt to give an excuse as to why your face is the same color as an overripe tomato, but to no avail!

"Sorry, my dude, but even I know a bald-faced lie when I hear it," Ralph said, shaking his head and snapping his fingers at an ever-increasing tempo. "Get out of my domain, brother, before I sic the drum majors on you."

Rats! You make a run for it, but at this point, the entire brass section has been alerted to your presence, and escape is nigh impossible. The woodwinds begin to poke at you with their spear-shaped instruments, and even the flautists are getting a few licks in. You are forced into a corner as a growing enslaught of the most emotionally repressed people in the school go ham on your ass.

In your last moments, you reflect on your life.

"It's been alright, I guess," you think to yourself as a tuba mute is shoved down your trachea. "But I wish I would have gotten the chance to listen to 'How To Save a Life' by The Fray just one more time... damn it!"


Try again?