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Ableist! Readings Days Not Inclusive Towards Illiterate Students


Students unite!! It is time to call on Penn to end its discriminatory actions towards illiterate students.

Under the Button will be organizing a real, totally legitimate protest tomorrow at 3:47am in front of College Hall to demand the administration change “Reading Days” to “Days.”

We can no longer blindly assume every student at Penn can read. 

In response to the demands, The Weingarten Learning Resources Center released the following statement: “Wait, there are students at Penn that have disabilities? And we’re the ones that are supposed to be helping them? Lol we thought we were a wine garden.” 

Amy Gutmann commented on the matter, saying “I really do think all students here are literate in some capacity. How else could they have completed the Common Application or their current college assignments?” 

Amy Gutmann do not erase us!

Here are three ideas for signs you can make at home in preparation of tomorrow’s protest:

  1. “If you can read this, you are ableist” 
  2. Slidhaispdofhauildupqeaudkjlsagufepilsd adkhfiqoai;ksdq;ai akndhh;kazk
  3. A blank sign. If you truly want to be even more inclusive, then you cannot assume that students can write either.  

See you all tomorrow bright and early. And remember, if you don’t attend this demonstration then you are complicit