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QUIZ: What Your COVID Spit Test Says About You


Photo by Getty Images with Edits by Darrion Chen / Getty Images License

1. What color was your spit?

A: Clear
B: White
C: Pink
D: Red

2. How many bubbles did you have in your spit?

A: No bubbles, flat and boring, just like my personality
B: Like a frothy delicious Starbucks latte
C: It was sparkly and fizzled energetically
D: Dunno, I slurped them all up.

3. How did it smell like?

A: Leftovers from my lunch
B: Ammonia, bleach-like
C: Bubble gum, rainbows, and happiness.
D: Iron

4. How quickly did you fill up the tube?

A: 3 minutes or so.
B: Quite a while, but after it started goining, really quickly
C: I opened my mouth and it all spewed out
D: I already had some liquid in my mouth.

5. Did you have trouble getting your spit into the tube?

A: Not really, some spilled onto the side but not too much.
B: I filled it up to 1ml, the rest of it got on the floor.
C: I filled the tube up to the brim, and offered some to the person next to me.
D: Yeah, my teeth kept bumping into the tube.

6. What was the consistency of your spit?

A: Mostly watery
B: Thick and goopy
C: Soft, puffy, and warm
D: Liquid, but it stained a lot.