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Stressful, Miserable Campus Now Cold and Disease Ridden


Photo by Pxhere / CC0

Peanut butter and chocolate. Eggs and bacon. Cookies and milk. All perfect combinations, right? Wrong. The most perfect combination of them all — the combination that makes you go, “Bro, this is the most perfect combination I have ever experienced” — is the University of Pennsylvania, in winter, plagued with the novel coronavirus disease. 

Ever heard that two wrongs make a right? Well in this case, it is four wrongs coming together to make one really dope college campus. I mean, is there anything better than freezing temperatures, a cutthroat academic culture, mentally ill students, and a deadly virus? Sign me up, bestie! 

Some of you might be thinking: "Grace! What about the vaccine? Don't we have that to be hopeful for?" Well, The New York Times recently told me that healthy people under the age of 25 are ~144 millionth in line to get that little shot, and that is really cool and goals! 

Ultimately, everything is bad and nothing is good, and we should all strap in and buckle up for the joint slay of horror that is coming to us in the spring of 2021. Hope this helps!