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Breaking! Campus Just as Lonely and Boring as Staying Home


Photo by Mikhail Goldenkov / Strelka Institute

 Students flocked to campus a month ago, eager for a new year and all that campus had to offer. They were so excited to experience the joy and happiness that has eluded them for the past few months. They could not wait to change their surroundings, only to find themselves shocked that the loneliness followed them all the way to Philadelphia. If this pandemic is apparently global does that mean they can never escape their boredom? Or perhaps all along they’ve been the thing stopping themselves from achieving happiness. No, that’s not possible--it’s not as though they sabotage themselves by having 7+ hours of screen time, eating 1.5 meals a day, and sleeping only 4 hours. The problem has to be Penn. 

Campus and home seem to have some things in common. Both involve sitting in a room alone with your thoughts for hours on end, but one is in the boring, cornfield excuse of the Midwest and the other is in a crowded and dirty city. Who would have thought that campus would carry the same existential dread and depression that it’s had since its establishment in the 1700’s. 

I can’t wait to spend the rest of the semester relatively alone and unhappy :)