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Student on Fourth Class Already Two Years Behind on Readings


Photo (with edits) by auntjojo / CC BY-ND 2.0

Breaking: despite only having had four classes, sophomore English major Kya Jones is already two years behind on her readings. It all started on the first day of classes when Kya decided she was going to bed early instead of doing her readings. After drinks with friends followed by hours of scrolling through Tik Tok, Jones went to bed around 3:30 am.

After waking up at 12, two hours past the start time of her 10 am class, Kya prepared to do her readings. In preparation, she warmed up her eyes by reading the captions on her friends' Instagram posts. Once she got up to speed, she practiced reading her friends' stories in the set time without going back or holding the image for longer. 

At 2 pm, Jones decided to have lunch. After a quick nap, she had dinner, and hung out with her friends because you can't work all the time. The pattern continued and Jones' missed readings grew. So far, she is supposed to read 95 articles, 35 novels, 4 novellas, and 6 "quick reads". 

"I'm so behind on my work, I'll be lucky if I've read everything by graduation in two years," related Jones. Despite the work, Jones remains optimistic, and assures us that she won't let her work get in the way of "the college experience." "Don't worry about me," she said, "you'll see me at the next OAX rager."